Welcome to the Solarian League's Guild Website!

The Solarian League is dedicated to:
1. Having fun!
2. Serving in the gaming community.
3. Being the best we can individually.
4. Promoting a sense of fellowship among all guild members.

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Want to know more about our members?
Visit The Armory to see a full list.


Get the latest news about the guild and everything that is happening by going to the forums.
When signing on to the forum please use your WoW Character Name as your Username.

If you are in one of the raiding groups it is important to have this tool to keep informed.
If you do not have a WoW addon Manager we have found WoW Matrix to be a good tool
to have on hand.
With all 3rd party tools you are at your own risk to use them.

The Solarian League would like to extend our thanks to Elpi for putting together this
website template including the great title bar graphic at the top!